Aussie Adventures 2015 - Heading West

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Sunday 24th May Left Darwin stopping at Adelaide River and Katherine, Fuelled up at Katherine $1:36 and got 5 McFlurrys yummy. Headed west and stopped at the Mathieson rest area for the night. The drop toilets were shocking and the smell drifted through the whole rest area. Got speaking to a guy who told us to stay at The Zebra Rock Mine campground he said it was really good value and the owners where great. Had a pretty good sleep even with the road noise, it’s amazing how many people still travel at night. Next morning headed to Zebra Rock Mine as per the guy’s recommendation, stopped at Timber Creek for a cuppa and was going to go to the toilet but as I walked over a guy came out suggesting to give it a miss as they are all blocked and over flowing!
Turned off the main highway and headed down Duncan Road towards Zebra Rock, it is only 10kms to the camp and the gravel road is very good. Booked in for 2 nights $10 a night per adult kids are free. You could choose any spot you wanted, got set up and joined about 12 others on the 4 hour sunset cruise on Lake Argyle which Kim, Ruth and Max run. This area of the lake is hardly ever used as it on the eastern side, you have it all to yourself. These guys run the only tours out here, we did not see another boat whilst out on the Lake. The sunset cruise was awesome, you start on a 4wd bus from the camp and head towards one of the creeks where the boat is waiting for you. Hop on board and drinks are served all complimentary, slowly you cruise through the creek towards the lake surrounded by the dead old eucalyptus trees and the bird life that migrates here every year. When Max decided to open up the throttle the boat just fly’s out to the middle of the lake stopping to fill up his cup of water from over the side. It probably is the cleanest water you will ever drink. The actually sunset was one of the best I have ever seen, with the dead trees being the silhouettes in the foreground it was very memorable. Fish and Chips when we got back to the camp, care of Ruth and they were lovely. The fish is Silver Cobbler which is caught from the lake. So we decide to catch our own next morning with Ruth’s Husband Kim on the fishing Charter.
Into the old army Land Rover and we drove out to the Fishing Boat ready to catch our dinner. Lovely big boat with plenty of room, it was a bonus that we were the only ones on the tour today. To catch the Catfish (silver cobbler) you use hand lines with a small lure and sinker on. You drop the lure over and fish about 1metre off the bottom and proceed to jig the lure up and down which makes it vibrate and the fish hits it. We had a ball everyone catching fish, Morgan catching the biggest and Maz catching the most. Kim does everything on board as you bring the fish in he’s got it off the hook and it the tub. All up we caught 25 catfish, Kim filleted the lot whilst on the lake and we had about 7kgs for the freezer. It was an awesome morning, would have loved to catch some real big ones but were more than happy with what we did land. Maz and I spent the afternoon fossicking in the creek bed for Zebra Rock whilst the kids played with Kim and Ruth’s 2 yr old daughter Opal. We found heaps of beautiful pieces of rock and 2 bits of Zebra Rock. Had a great night chatting with Kim and Max and the other campers. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend staying here at Zebra Rock it’s a great place to stay and the hosts are probably the best we have met so far.
Left early the next morning said our goodbyes and promised to come back one day. Got the through the quarantine check point into WA no dramas, bonus was gaining an hour and half. Stopped at the Lake Argyle Dam wall which is pretty impressive. We watched a video on the construction of the wall which was back in 1971, funny to see all the blokes in just boots and stubby shorts in 40 degree heat building it. It was good to see the Lake from the Dam wall side. Had a coffee and cake in the caravan park t the Dam Wall and had a quick look at the Infinity Swimming pool. Not allowed to swim here unless you’re staying at the caravan park or have paid a day use fee!
Left Lake Argyle and drove into Kununurra to stock up on vegetables and fuel $1:56. Had a local introduce himself as Lance with VB can in hand and no teeth. He mentioned that he had been working on some art work that I may want to buy and take home to my country. “No thanks I reply and by the way this is my country” We then drove towards the Bungle Bungles. We stopped at Turkey creek for a cuppa and then dropped into the medical centre. The kids had been complaining about sore ears and throats, 10 minutes later 2 boxes of tablets and one needle and we were done no charge. The nurses were fantastic the boys had a slight ear infection and Alexandra had tonsillitis. The drive down to the Bungles is very scenic with beautiful ranges on both sides and the stunning Boab tree everywhere it definitely is not boring. We camp the night opposite the turnoff to bungles at the Spring Creek rest area. Lovely spot with shade, toilets and BBQ’s. We set up watch the sun go down and then watch a heard of Barmah cattle just stroll through the rest area which was pretty funny.
Woke at 6a.m as the sun was up, packed up and headed down the gravel track towards the Bungle Bungles. We had heard so many different stories about the condition of the road. The day before a guy got stuck going to fast through one of the creek crossings and had to be towed out and back to Halls Creek to get a new air filter. We had a lovey drive in, 53kms in 11/2 hrs with 6 creek crossings at an average speed of 35kms hr dramas. The creek crossing were good most coming just over half way up the tyres. Got checked into the Kurrajong campground and chose a spot, hardly anyone here. Staying 3 nights for $92.
Thursday 28th May drove the 14kms out to the Echidna Chasm and done the 2km return walk into the Chasm. The walk was pretty much up the creek bed and mainly in the shade, there were beautiful palm trees everywhere. The chasm was huge and you felt tiny in amongst the rock walls and palms. The view inside the Chasm was really cool as it was lunch time the sun was directly over the top shining through. The view from the Osmond lookout was really nice also, but it was getting pretty warm and time to head back to camp to cool off. There isthis area in the wet must be huge as you can see creek beds and holes craved out of the rocks.
Spent Saturday just chilling around the camp, doing washing and sorting clothes out before we commence our journey on the Gibb River Road. The weather is pretty warm with hardly a breeze at the moment so plenty of buckets over the head to cool off. We have been using the 12volt shower at night-time which is awesome, the boys think its great showering outside in the buff.
Packed up and drove the 53kms out of the national park without incident onto Wyndham. As soon as we got close to town we got the blue lights and pulled over. Just a breath test (which the lady cop said smelt lovely) and license check. They loved our temporary number plate. Then filled up with diesel $1:50 and was approached by a local lady, no teeth and totally on another planet. “Hi I’m Melanie, what’s you name and where you from” She says
“I’m Garry from Timbuctoo” I reply “yeah I see you there last week!” She giggled I was nearly crying. After the games at the servo we checked into the Wyndham Caravan Park. Travelled 10200kms.
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