Birdsville Track – What is there to See Along the Way?

Saturday, Sep 03, 2011 at 14:40

Stephen L (Clare) SA

One of Australia’s important Stock Routes was to become a legendary track and today nearly 150 years later since it was first opened, is as important now as it was then. This Blog is not on the history of the track, as there is a lot of information already here on EO, but rather what us modern day travellers can see along the way.

Every now and then I am contacted either by email or members message and ask by first time Birdsville Track travellers on track conditions and the most important question, what is there to see along the way. I have to admit that there are still a few things that I still want to see and do and spend a little more time at along the Track.

The images will start at Marree, and I will work my way north to Birdsville. Like any location, what may appeal to one, may not appeal to all. With the exception of a couple of places, all locations can be visited in a standard vehicle, not unless conditions are wet and that then is a completely different matter and one situation that we have seen more often than not in our travels up and down the Birdsville Track.

One point that I can never stress enough to first time travellers is drive to the Track conditions, stop and see the many features along the way and you will have an enjoyable time and as a bare minimum of allowing 2 days for the drive. The only time that I have ever warned fellow travellers about venturing onto the Birdsville Track is in times of heavy rain, as this is the last place that you should try to travel, for the sake of damage to the track and possible damage to your vehicle if the vehicle run off of the road and becomes badly bogged.

Fuel should not be an issue, with the longest section of travel without a fuel stop of just over 320 kilometres, and that is between Mungeranie and Birdsville. Take a range of spares for your vehicle and carry some form of tyre repair kit. Tyres should be greater than 50% of tread life and drop them by around 20% of what you would normally run on the highway.

Marree - things that you can see and do

The Start of the Birdsville Track.
After visiting the Town, you will have to head back towards Lyndhurst and then the journey begins.

As you now start to travel up this famous Track, you will start to begin to think just how hard it would have been for the people that live out here in true Australian Outback conditions.

After Lake Harry, the next important feature that is not signposted is the famous Dog or Dingo Fence.

Heading further North the landscape is still ever changing and every now and then there are the ruins of former stations, where station people battled the elements to make a living and quite often the consequences were devastating.

At this stage of the journey it is now time for a break or even a great place to stay the nights. This special place is Mungaranie complete with cabins, camp ground and its own wetlands.

After your stay at this great little spot along the Birdsville Track, it now time to head further north and closer to Birdsville.

Welcome to Queensland and on of Australia's true iconic Outback Towns, Biirdsville. It does not matter what you have driven or ridden, Birdsville is a top little spot for you to sit back and enjoy the modern day town with all facilities. Stay a couple of days to do this town any justice and if you are like me, it will draw you back for another visit.........

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