Product Review No. 5 - 12 Volt Rigid Strip LED lighting.

Friday, Dec 24, 2010 at 21:28


12 volt rigid-strip LED lights

1 metre length ($79)
Half metre ($39)

Great lights that draw only 0.30 amps per metre of strip. Very happy with the performance and robustness of the units. LED's are spaced at approximately 20mm along the length of the unit. The only thing to be wary of is that over a short distance (600mm), they are fairly directional producing a fairly tight cone of light at a 50 degree spread so be aware of what you want the to cover strongly before you mount them. No issue over greater distances at all. I mounted one strip forward to cover the kitchen slideouts. This meant that they are sitting only 600 or so above the tables. The cone didn't allow much passed the kitchen area. On the other (workshop) side of the pod, I mounted them further outwards towards the edge of the gull wing door to great effect as the photo of us doing tyre work shows. They throw a strong bluish-white light and there are no heat generation issues. There are options in respect to strength of light (softness) and colour as well.

Alex also has two forms of LED ribbon that come in 5 metre rolls and draw less than .5 amps per hour per roll (Entry level ribbon is $100 per 5m roll). The super ribbon uses tri-LED’s so produces a very bright light at a greater current draw. ($200 per 5m roll). I will be using the tri-LED ribbon in the new year for some external applications on the ute as well as a strip under the bonnet (because you just never know).

The benefits of LED lighting for 12V applications is explained very well in the Exploroz Article Camping Lights.

These lights and the wiring were supplied by Alex at OVRDUN Customs, Morwell - Alex can be contacted on 0413806442.

A disclaimer of sorts;

I make the clear distinction here and now that while I have some experience as an outback traveller, I am not a technical expert by any stretch of the imagination. It's my personal experience upon which I base my reviews. I will on occasion compare these products against a similar product that I am familiar with through personal experience. This is factual based and not anecdotal (someone telling me about it) experience.

The prices I have quoted are purely a retail range of current prices.

These reviews are not designed to influence you towards any particular product. I’m not receiving any financial advantage in doing this, rather I am providing my personal opinion on the quality and suitability of the products I have purchased and used. Any decision about purchasing a product should be made on a thorough analysis of your own needs and budget and supported by your own research (as were mine).

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