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Track your trip using your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or SPOT satellite device. Works offline! Save and download your trip. Family/friends can follow your trip too. Click the grey headings below to read more information.

ExplorOz Tracking Service offers Members a tracking service we call ExplorOz Tracker. Tracking is sent from your device to a map on your Member profile page on the ExplorOz website so that family/friends can follow your journey. Depending on the device you use, your access to network services, and your settings, the map will be as "live" as possible. User settings enable you to protect your privacy and limit who can view your tracking. After your trip you have the option to clear your tracking map, or perhaps you'd prefer to save it or even download it. You can even put the map image showing your route into your ExplorOz blogs!

Saved tracking routes are relocated to the User Treks and can be embedded into your blogs or downloaded as GPX files.


View the ExplorOz Tracker page and go to "How to Setup Tracking on your Device". You'll then see a list of compatible devices - click the relevant heading for instructions.

ExplorOz Traveller App

The ExplorOz Traveller App is the only GPS Navigation and Mapping app you'll ever need and is the the must-have app for any road, or off-road trip. Not only does it provide maps and navigation but it also enables tracking with automatic sync to the ExplorOz Tracker service (Membership required). The app is available across all 3 popular device platforms - Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

To activate tracking in the ExplorOz Traveller app, you will need to log in with an active ExplorOz Member account. Membership is an annual subscription of $49.95 however app users qualify for a $20 discount off the price of Membership making this only $29.95. To get your discount Membership, firstly buy the app from your store ($59.99), then sign into the ExplorOz Shop to view your discount Membership price for the Personal Membership subscription ($29.95).


For more information, read the ExplorOz Traveller App page.

Live Offline Tracking

When you are travelling parts of Australia where there is no mobile data, your mobile device cannot transmit so live tracking is not possible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops or iPads. However, our software will enable your device to keep tracking and storing your position data when you are offline, which will be automatically transmitted when an internet service is reconnected (either via Wifi or Mobile Data).

Alternatively, if you own a SPOT satellite device and have an active tracking subscription your device will be transmitting your position data live as you move. We have setup ExplorOz Tracker to be compatible with these SPOT devices however you will have to setup a shared tracking page in your SPOT account and then join as a Member of ExplorOz to allow you to register your device to ExplorOz Tracker. ExplorOz Tracker will obtain SPOT tracking feeds periodically and these will be plotted as straight lines from point to point on the map (feeds are generally received every 15 minutes to 2 hours). For specific instructions on how to register your SPOT device to ExplorOz Tracker, go here to the ExplorOz Tracker page, click to open the section titled "How to Setup Tracking on your Device", then read the section labelled "Instructions for Setting up a SPOT Device".

For all other devices (Android, Windows, iPad & iPhone), the software on your device can take position data every 0.25 seconds resulting in very accurate route lines following the path of the road/track. Whilst you are offline and moving, position data is stored on your device and later transmitted via Wifi or Mobile Data to update your tracking map.

Each overnight stop is recorded on your tracking map with a numerical number allowing your friends/family to zoom into the map to see exactly where you've stopped for the night. Tracking stats also show last seen, distance travelled today etc.


The tracking map we provide via the ExplorOz Tracker service is the same no matter which device, or software you use for track recording. Please select the right tracking software for your needs based on reading the rest of this article.

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