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This article highlights areas of interest to 4WDrivers and campers within QLD where a permit or pass (with or without fee) is required for access and/or camping. These areas include National Parks & Reserves, and Aboriginal Lands. Links to websites and contact details are included.

General Information

There are no major Aboriginal Land Councils or other such organisations in Queensland where permits to transit or visit aboriginal areas might be generally obtainable. However, if you want some general information particularly the liquor laws, contact the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and the Cairns Regional Office which has responsibility for the Cape York Region.

Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
Phone: (07) 3224 2070

There is also a specific number to check on the liquor laws on the whole of Cape York; it is 13 74 68.

Camping near Communities:

Generally, it is simply a matter of contacting the particular community and ascertaining their requirements. Camping fees generally apply at most communities where camping is available. The fees seem to range from about $5 per vehicle per night up to about $35 per night. Others charge an entry permit of about $35 per week. There may also be a small per night camping fee on top of that. For areas on the west coast north of Weipa, contact the Weipa Caravan Park on (07) 4069 7871.

Cape York

Permits are required to access all areas of Aboriginal land. The permit is provided when you pay your ferry fee to cross the Jardine River.

Camping permits are required in all National Parks and Reserves on the Cape York Peninsula and these must now be purchased in advance before arriving at your campsite. Self-registration for camp sites is no longer possible.

To obtain an e-permit book online at [url=], or phone 13 74 68.

Some contact details for the commercial camping areas at the Tip include:
Loyalty Beach: (07) 4069 3372
Seisia Camping Ground: (07) 4069 3243
Punsand Bay: (07) 4069 1722

Elim Beach (out of the Hope Vale Community):

If you want to access and/or camp at Elim Beach or visit Cape Bedford, both of which are located within the Hope Vale Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT) Lands, contact the Hope Vale Community Council on (07) 4060 9133.

CREB Track & Roaring Meg Falls

Permits are not required to travel on the CREB track however restrictions and protocols apply if you wish take visit the popular Roaring Meg Falls (accessible via a side track off the CREB). Contact (07) 4098 6248 (Burungu Aboriginal Corporation). The falls are a day use area only and you are not to walk on, near or across the falls. Cairns Regional Council are the governing authority to contact in relation to access to the CREB track. The contact phone number is (07) 4044 3044.

Camping Permits in Queensland National Parks

You must obtain a camping permit and pay your camping fees before camping in one of Queensland's National Parks or Forests. This can catch people unawares especially during peak periods when campsites are pre-booked and full when you arrive. See for the QLD National Park Booking Service. There website also lists over the counter outlets and phone numbers.


If you are dealing with a National Park Service or any Government Agency and you have a Seniors Card, Pension or Concession Card of some description; always ask whether a discounted rate applies.

Munga-Thirri (Simpson Desert)

The Qld section of the Simpson Desert is known as Munga-Thirri National Park. Munga-Thirri like the Simpson Desert Conservation Park is closed from 1 December to 15 March due to extreme summer temperatures that can exceed 50 °C. You are travelling within the Munga-Thirri National Park whilst on the QAA Line in Queensland. Camping is permitted however only within 500m of the QAA Line and only if you have a permit for which fees apply and a tag must be clearly displayed on your tent.

The QAA is the main route across the Simpson to the west of Big Red towards the NT border. Once you leave the QAA Line onto the K1 line you have left Munga-Thirri National Park. At Poepell's Corner you are at the corner post of QLD/NT/SA and camping there is covered by your Desert Parks Pass (issued by the SA National Parks).


Don’t forget, if you are dealing with a National Park Service or any Government Agency, and you have a Seniors Card or a Pension Card of some description; always ask whether a Seniors Discount is available.


Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, no responsibility can be accepted for either the accuracy of the contents or for any errors or omissions.

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