Australia's Top Places to See

This is the Ultimate ExplorOz Bucket List, as nominated by the ExplorOz audience. Check out their top picks for Places to See in Australia below.

How we made this list

Unlike the mainstream sectors of tourism, the ExplorOz community of travellers really know how to find the real outback, the hidden gems where some serious exploring and planning and most likely four-wheel driving is needed to reach spectacular places. So we asked our audience to tell us their "must-see" places in Australia.

Rather than slant the results by providing a list of multiple choice options, we created a totally open-ended survey. To complete an entry, participants were asked to simply name a place and write up to 25 words about each one explaining why it is so special. Each entrant could list up to 5 places per submission and there were no restrictions on how many entries could be made per person.

The task was promoted in our newsletter with a link to an online survey. We also posted it to our Facebook page, published a blog on ExplorOz, and for a short time had a pop-up appear on the index page of the Forum. A random prize giveaway of 10 copies of the Explore Australia publication "4WD Australia - 50 Short Getaways" was also included in the promotion.

So now, the results...


Due to the nature of the "open-ended" place nomination and the method we chose to utilise for publishing the list of places, we found that not all nominations could be collated without some duplication. In addition, some nominations were not singular places that could be pinpointed in Places and were in fact large/generalised areas, such as "The Kimberley" or a National Park. As our intended method for publishing the results was to provide a link to the corresponding page for the specific location in Places, there are many results that therefore are not linked.

Top Places to See

A total of 405 places were nominated for this list. Here's how they ranked:

The top 10 most voted Places in order were:
Ranked equal for the 11th spot:
Ranked equal for 14th spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 16th spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 22nd spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 26th spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 35th spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 57th spot:
Ranked equal (in alpha order) for 124th spot:

About Links In The Results

Places listed without links indicate the Place page in ExplorOz Places does not have a photo, or could not be matched. These are raw results and are yet to be fully merged into a practical document, however we do intend to prepare a fully itemised, linked list in the coming weeks.


If you've visited any of these places, please go to the corresponding page in Places and upload your photos and a visitor rating/comment.

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